The CARE System

Deploy and use anywhere

At a high level, the CARE system has three parts:

  • Content used by CARE resides in our cloud-based central repository. Any customizations you request also reside in the repository.
  • You can then either use CARE from our secure, HIPAA-compliant cloud environment or deploy CARE in your own hosting environment.
  • Patients can use CARE on any computer, tablet, or handheld device with a modern web browser.

The central system: where we create and maintain the content

  • A central database repository where we keep all the CARE content.
  • An authoring system that allows us to create custom questions, summaries, videos, images, audio, reports, and logic for determining how questions flow from one to the next.
  • If you need customization, our content analysts, writers, and media specialists use the central system to create and test your content.

The servers where CARE lives so your users can get to it

  • An optimized database to distribute content quickly and effectively.
  • The programming code needed to create the CARE user experience.
  • You can host CARE yourself. If our cloud system won’t meet your requirements, you can host CARE on your own servers.

Use CARE from any device

  • Your patients use CARE from any device that has a web browser.
  • CARE is responsive—it changes layout to best suit the device.
  • All data going back and forth is encrypted and secure.
  • Because it’s cloud-based, CARE offers HIPAA-compliant, secure, centralized administration and data management.
  • CARE supports multilingual projects and longitudinal projects with multiple patient sessions.

Creating CARE content

If your organization, project, or research study requires some unique questions or content, they can be added to CARE. The CARE authoring tools allow subject-matter experts to create highly personalized, nuanced experiences for users. CARE authors can construct complex protocols in a highly visual way, and test them in real time. An entire protocol, or just parts of it, or even an individual item, can be tested from within the authoring environment.

Using a web browser interface, the CARE author builds a new CARE experience by selecting from ready-made question objects and adding question text, answer choices, routing, and other logic statements to create the conditional behavior of the application. Logic is coded in a highly simplified programming-type language. Once a CARE content item is created, it can be viewed and tested immediately in the authoring tool, and when  changes are made to an existing content application, the changes take effect immediately and can be viewed and tested in an ordinary browser.

Contact us to learn what questions and content CARE includes and get information about customizing CARE.

CARE is a CDC Best Practice


CARE is a ready-to-use tool for HIV treatment and risk reduction.

If you have special needs, we can customize CARE to your project or organization’s requirements.