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CARE is a packaged
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Welcome to CARE

CARE (Computer Assisted Risk Education) is an evidence-based approach to reducing risky health behaviors in at-risk and HIV-positive people. Easy to use and well-accepted by patients, CARE has resulted in significantly greater medication compliance, decreased viral loads, and reduced risk behaviors.

CARE is behavior change

CARE’s major innovation is how we capture detailed patient information in an engaging and non-threatening way, synthesize it to identify issues and areas of improvement, and then assist the patient in producing a tailor-made, realistic, incremental plan for change.

With CARE, patients experience a highly-personalized motivational interview based on a stages of change model of behavior change.

CARE then assesses the patient’s behavior, knowledge, and goals and synthesizes these inputs to create personalized feedback appropriate for the individual patient’s stage of change and specific circumstances.

CARE is flexible


  • Can be customized to address any health concern with a behavioral component.
  • Offers out-of-box solutions that focus on HIV/AIDS, both for prevention in at-risk populations and treatment for individuals who are HIV-positive.
  • Can be used as part of a research study.
  • Provides risk assessment, counseling, test consenting, subject recruitment, experimentation, and longitudinal data collection.
  • Has sophisticated logic that fully tailors questions and feedback based on patient responses.
  • Provides complete audio narration and video integration to help reach low-literacy populations, and supports multiple languages.
  • Runs on the Internet or on a closed local area network, or it can stand alone without a network connection.
  • Is well liked by patients: 97% say CARE is easy to use; 93% believe CARE helps them as much or more than face-to-face counseling; and 75% say they prefer CARE to a human counselor. Source.

CARE is proven

Over the last 10 years, we have collaborated with research institutions across the United States to craft unique solutions for institution-specific websites, research, and clinical needs.

The HIV/AIDS Prevention Research Synthesis (PRS) project at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has designated CARE as a:


CARE is a CDC Best Practice


CARE-Pos is a ready-to-use tool for HIV treatment and risk reduction.

If you have special needs, we can customize CARE to your project or organization’s requirements.